About Me

Samantha Sorbino is a driven, understanding and hard working woman with the most outgoing personality. Growing up, Samantha was never one to be called a “girly girl”, in fact she was most definitely considered a tomboy up until her freshman year of high school. People and their judgements never stopped her from letting her personality shine through. She looked like the happiest girl in the world walking out of the house with basketball shorts, a baseball hat, her dazzling pink lip and some blue eyeshadow. Nothing and no one could keep her away from her passion of makeup. Once Samantha got older she was able to expand her knowledge of the cosmetic industry and there was no doubt in her mind what her career path would be. After graduating High school she went on to get her cosmetology license and worked doing hair for a short while, until she was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime. Samantha was given the chance to attend Makeup Designory NY. When her parents showed how much they believed in her dreams she knew how lucky she was to have such an amazing support system and wasted no time signing up for the Masters program. Through the six month course of what felt like a dream to her, her love for every aspect of cosmetics grew. Samantha is now an undeniable triple threat in the cosmetic industry. She has multiple certifications in updo’s and hairstyling along with the best training of every makeup application possible. Whether the job consists of hairstyling, beauty applications or special effects projects, Samantha goes above and beyond to surpass the expectations of everyone involved. She never fails at making her work environment a productive, yet, fun time for whoever is around. Samantha truly could not be happier in the path she chose for herself and for the family and friends who have and continue to support her in every step of her journey.